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Takeaway Menu

Carlow 059 91 39392 Clonmel 052 61 70880 Kilkenny 056 771 5333 ( We are open from Wednesday - Sunday from 12.30pm. All main courses include steamed, fried or brown rice. Noodles, chips or stir fried vegetables can be substituted for €2.50

Prawn Crackers 

Prawn crackers with sweet chilli dip


Lamb Martabak

A light pastry parcel filled with curry flavoured minced lamb with

galangal sauce


Chicken Spring Roll

Served with a peanut and tamarind sauce


Chicken Sate

Skewers of marinated chicken served with peanut sauce


Asian Glazed Chicken Wings

Sweet and savoury marinated wings in honey, garlic and five spice glaze


Barbequed Baby Back Ribs

Slow roast pork ribs with Lemongrass barbeque sauce and mango mustard dip


Vegetable Spring Roll

Handmade and served with a Lemongrass sweet chilli dip


Salt & Pepper Squid

Squid in a crispy salt and red pepper crust served with a sweet chilli sauce


Thai Prawn & Salmon Cake

Served with sweet chilli sauce


Thai Beef Salad

Wok fried strips of Irish Angus beef served in a coriander, lime juice and chilli sauce


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